Benefits Summary

Below is a brief overview of the benefits that we provide to our employees at Family Services, Inc. These plans include: Medical Insurance (HMO and Flex Options), Flexible Spending Accounts (Health & Dependent), Dental and Vision Insurance, Voluntary Life insurance and AD&D for employees, their spouse and dependents. Employees who are working 20 hours or more per week will become eligible for benefit coverage on the first of the month following their hire date (employees must work 30 hours or more per week to be eligible for medical benefits). Since Family Services is a Non-Profit Organization, financial options such as 403(b) Pension Plan is offered. 

Medical Insurance

Option 1: Kaiser Permanente Signature High Deductible Plan.

Through the Signature High Deductible Health plan through Kaiser Permanente, members will be able to receive quality care at Kaiser medical centers which conveniently offers many types of medical care all in one location. Family Services covers a portion of the deductible expenses for each employee through the use of a pre-funded debit card that is administered by Group Benefit Services (GBS.) The debit card can be used for medical and prescription expenses that are subject to the deductible.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

The Kaiser Signature High Deductible medical insurance plan automatically enrolls employees in the Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plan through GBS. Family Services will fund each HRA with $1,000 for employee-only or $2,000 for employee-plus dependent coverage. However, it can ONLY be used on eligible medical expenses that are approved by the IRS. This debit card may only be used at the doctor’s office or medical facility and the pharmacy.

Option 2: Kaiser Permanente Flexible choice Plan.

The second medical option is the Flexible Choice plan through Kaiser Permanente. The Flexible Choice plan offers three options within itself which allow employees to choose to receive different level of benefits depending on where care is received.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Care Reimbursement FSA

This program allows employees of Family Services to pay for certain IRS-approved medical care expenses not covered by the insurance plan using pre-tax dollars, up to a maximum of $2,500.

Dependent Care FSA

The Dependent Care FSA allows employees of Family Services to use pre-tax dollars towards qualified dependent care, such as caring for children under the age of 13 or caring for elders. The annual maximum amount you may contribute is $5,000 per calendar year.

Dental Insurance

Access ePPO Plan

The Access ePPO plan runs on a set fee schedule for each procedure, and requires members to seek coverage at In-Network providers only.

Access PPO Plan

The Access PPO plan allows coverage both in and out of the network; however, members will receive greater discounts on services when seeing an in-network dentist. To locate a participating provider, go to and click on Find a Dentist at the top of the screen or call 800-334-6277.


The HumanaVision VCP Plan provides benefits for eye exams, frames and contact lenses both in and out of network and has access to one of the largest vision networks.  To locate a provider, to go

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • All Family Services employees working 20 hours or more per week are eligible for Basic Life and AD&D coverage. Family Services provides each eligible employee with a benefit amount of $40,000 in term insurance through Unum at no cost to the employee.
  • Eligible employees have the option to purchase additional life insurance to supplement the basic life insurance benefit amount that is provided by Family Services. Voluntary life insurance can be purchased for employees, spouses, and children through convenient payroll deduction.

Voluntary Long Term Disability

  • Family Services provides voluntary long term disability to benefit eligible employees. Long Term Disability rates are age and income based.

Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance & Accident Insurance

  • You can apply for a benefit amount up to 50% of your gross monthly income up to a maximum of $5,000. You may also qualify for coverage up to 60% of your gross monthly salary by answering some additional health questions. A medical exam is not required.
  • Benefit payments may be made for emergency room care, doctor’s office visits, physical therapy, and more. In major accidents, benefits for catastrophic accidents (up to $100,000) and accidental death (up to $25,000) may be payable. The accident base plan is guaranteed issue, so no health history questions are required.

403(b) Thrift Plan

  • Family Services offers a 403(b) Thrift Retirement Plan provided by Mutual of America Life Insurance Company. Options of selecting pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) contributions are available. After working with Family Services for one year and having worked over 1000 hours, employees are eligible for a 2% employer base contribution.

Types of Leave

  • Family Services’ offers annual leave starting at 10 days (80 hours) per year, sick leave at 12 days per year, 7 paid holidays and 3 personal days.
  • Part-time employees designated as part-time 50% to 90% working a regular schedule are eligible for leave benefits on a pro-rated basis.