New Safe Passage Center Provides Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange for Families with a Court Order

Date: Dec 8, 2017

(Gaithersburg, MD) – Family Services, Inc. (FSI) is pleased to announce the opening of Montgomery County’s Safe Passage Center for Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange, located in Rockville, MD.

The Center is a “family friendly” and safe access site for families in Montgomery County, MD, with a Montgomery County Court Order. The goal of the center is to enable children to remain close to both parents regardless of the family situation or parental conflict. The Center is staffed by trained visit monitors and security guards who remain neutral in family disputes. The Center has evening and weekend hours, and features separate parking lots, entrances and waiting rooms so that parents do not meet on site.

Situations that may necessitate a referral from the Court include domestic violence, mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, extended parental absences, child neglect and/or abuse and family conflict due to divorce and/or custody issues.  Services available at the Center are supervised visitation, which allows parents in high conflict or high-risk situations to maintain their bond with their children and have access to their children in a safe and supervised environment, and monitored exchange, where staff supervise the transfer of a child from the residential to the visiting parent at the start of the parent/child contact and back to the residential parent at the end of the contact.

Referrals to the Center are from the District and Circuit Courts. Services are offered free of charge to Montgomery County residents. Evening and weekend hours are available to accommodate the needs of families. Services are by appointment only.

The Safe Passage Center is funded by Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services and operated by Family Services, Inc. The Center is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an international membership network that establishes standards and ethics, promotes education and advances professionalism in the field. For more information on the SVN, visit

For further information on the Safe Passage Center, call (301) 417-8939 or email       


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