At the heart of Watch Me Grow's approach to early childhood education is The Creative Curriculum®, the country's leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum for programs serving children from birth to age 5. Based on scientific research, as well as state and professional standards, The Creative Curriculum® identifies the knowledge, skills and concepts important for children to acquire in each of six content areas.

The key components of each include:

  • Literacy – Vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books and other texts, and sources of enjoyment
  • Mathematics – Numbers, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial awareness, measurement, data collection, organization, and representation
  • Science – Physical science, life science, and earth and the environment
  • Social Studies – Spaces and geography, people and how they live, people and the environment, and people and the past
  • The Arts – Dance, music, drama, and the visual arts
  • Technology – Awareness of technology, basic operations and concepts, technological tools, and people and technology

The Watch Me Grow program combines the latest research and the freshest ideas into a forward-thinking approach to learning; one that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning exciting and relevant for every child in their classrooms.

Home and school are a young child's two most important worlds. Children must bridge these two worlds every day. If home and school are connected in positive and respectful ways, children feel secure. WMG teachers value the family's role and recognize how much can be accomplished by working together. The daily report for each classroom helps parents discuss the day with their child and is an important tool for communication between home and school.


Watch Me Grow classrooms match each child's age and developmental stage:

Caterpillars (approximately 6 weeks to 15 months)

WMG ensures that babies receive personal attention and responsive care to help them develop trust and foster healthy development. Babies are held, nurtured, and guided through the wonderful world of language by using sound, songs and gestures. It is important for a teacher to understand your baby's needs and create a positive bond by using appropriate strategies and activities. WMG works closely with parents to establish and maintain each baby’s daily schedule.

Rolly Polly Beetles (approximately 10 to 24 months)

Once a child begins to walk independently they will graduate to the Rolly Polly room. Your toddler will have the opportunity to explore and discover with the guidance and support of his/her teacher. Children will participate in activities that develop gross and fine motor skills, receptive and expressive language, and relationship skills, as well as nourish curiosity and enjoyment of a wide range of activities.

Lady Bugs (approximately 15 to 30 months)

Children are encouraged to explore through play in the Lady Bug room. A more consistent routine is introduced with a variety of teacher-guided activities. Closely monitored free play provides immeasurable learning opportunities for toddlers by building on their physical, language, social and cognitive skills. WMG lays the foundation for the children to learn to play interactively with others by listening and problem-solving in an environment that is warm, respectful and supportive.

Bumble Bees (approximately 2 years)

Greater independence emerges at this age and Bumble Bees are given plenty of stimulating activities and the freedom to learn and explore. Monitored free play provides vast learning experiences for two year olds and continues to build on their physical, language, social and cognitive skills. Another BIG milestone in this room is potty training. Staff work closely with parents to help their little one reach this goal.

Grasshoppers (approximately 3 years)

Our ultimate goal is for your child to be a successful and eager lifetime learner. Concepts are presented in a fun and exciting way to encourage self-discovery and confidence. Children explore independently, with a friend or in small groups to build on the foundation of interactive play and problem-solving. Computers are an everyday component of the classroom and allow children to practice their skills at their own pace.

Butterflies (approximately 4 to 5 years)

WMG's Pre-K program will prepare your child for success in school. The Butterflies follow a schedule and perform activities that will facilitate the transition to Kindergarten. To encourage success, children are supported and nurtured in all areas of development.

The Watch Me Grow program is enhanced by monthly movement classes, as well as optional dance, karate, soccer and yoga classes.

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